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Demand for the preparation of the statement is the purpose of documents used in the form of the record of the item demand analysis, as a follow-up to the design, coding, testing basis. At the same time this document will be presented to customers (that is, customers here Tutors) to enable understanding of new products.
In the use of the higher floors of the vertical elevators, escalators, users need to press his arrival floors, elevators will be required destination floors, a floor on the press elevator buttons in the elevator this will be a call , entered the elevator wait for the user, based on user input to reach the corresponding floors. At the same time, as administrators also need to lift the elevator system can monitor real-time systems, administrators in the use of landing administrator account management system, will be able to obtain administrator privileges, such as can be observed running to the escalator, we can lift control can also be completed through the voice system administrator and user interaction.
This elevator system needs a reliable, accurate, and efficient software to achieve the stability and good lift of the operation, at the same time the need to lift the effective control to the administrator. This software will reach this goal, at the same time, as the demand for software simulation of this reality, the personal computer will only be simulated in the whole process. The need to install software platform running a java windows operating system support.
Use graphical interface for input-output has reached intuitive and simple.
Entry requirements: Admission will include three parts
1. Elevator startup need to import the relevant data to initialize, in the form of input text box, type the data directly using the keyboard or the arrow beside the data used for data changes. Limit the size of the data as well as the use of letters or novels have points system, the meaning of data to the edge of the Notes in the text box. Elevator system will be based on the input of data on the follow-up of the implementation of the software corresponding adjustments initialization has been completed.
2. Elevator managers landing interface. Accurate administrators will be prompted to enter the user name and password to log, the user name and password from the figures and letters, and develop specific user name, password provided by the rules, here tentatively scheduled for user names and passwords are not allowed to air and the password must be composed of letters and numbers, and shall be not less than six.
3. When the elevator operation, the simulation of users and administrators will be the importation of some value to simulate the lift operation, the importation of some form of a button, such as elevators, the passengers will choose to go to the floor. The other input, if the number of people entered the elevator from the corresponding input text box.
Output requirements:
The main output of the escalator operations, in the form of animation used here simulated elevator movement. The elevator on each floor of the current status, using data output. Elevator managers view the operation of records by text form, and administrators view the lift will not be running alone, because it is displayed in front of the contents of animation. Alarm on the output, with a voice output.






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